The Advanced Energy Systems Group (AESG) at the Colorado School of Mines is led by Prof. Rob Braun in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Professor Braun's group is focused on the study and advancement of sustainable and alternative energy systems that either convert valuable resources to useful products, such as power, heat, cooling, synfuels, etc. or store energy for later use. Given the broad scope, research projects encompass a diverse set of energy conversion systems ranging from high temperature fuel cell and membrane technologies to biorefineries and concentrating solar power plants. The common thread among the various research projects is the application of fundamental device and systems-level modeling, analysis, and optimization with the aim of accelerating the successful development and deployment of highly efficient and cost effective clean energy systems. Research within the AESG is highly interdisciplinary leveraging the fundamentals of thermal science, thermo-chemical processes, and operations research to carryout activities related to:

  • Device and system modeling, design, & simulation
  • Systems integration & thermal management
  • Techno-economic process engineering & plant optimization
  • Energy/Exergy & Pinch Analysis

The AESG consists of post-doc, Ph.D. and M.S. students, and undergraduate researchers. AES graduate student education at CSM includes the study of fundamental thermal sciences and chemical processes, economics & optimization, and elective courses. The graduate student experience also emphasizes continuous professional development activities for making a successful transition to industry and immediate impact in their chosen field.


Group News

New Students. The AESG welcomes new students Kyle Ferguson and Amogh Thatte
August 2018. A new project award from the Fuel Cell Technology Office seeks to develop enabling technology for 70% roundtrip efficient energy storage systems using reversible solid oxide cells.
May 2018. Prof. Braun along with Profs. Neal Sullivan and Ryan O’Hayre to develop novel Hydrogen Production Technology using Protonic Ceramic Electrolysis Cells in collaboration with Fuel Cell Energy, Inc.
March 2018. Prof. Braun to lead new ARPA-E project on ultra-high efficiency, hybrid solid oxide fuel cell-engine systems development
January 2018. AESG Alum, Dr. Kevin Albrecht, receives permanent position at Sandia National Labs in the area of concentrating solar power.
December 2017. Prof. Braun gives invited talk at ARPA-E Long Duration Energy Storage Workshop View agenda.
November 2017. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy highlight the research project involving Ph.D. student William Hamilton.